Solar energy installations in Cairns

If you are considering having a solar energy system installed at your home or business, then contact the experts at Rossgo’s Electrical today. We will guide you through the process and recommend the best solar solutions for your unique needs. We specialise in:
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Solar equipment sales
  • Solar system installation
  • Solar system maintenance
  • Battery Back-up Systems
Solar energy is also called photovoltaic energy. It is power harnessed from the Sun’s rays and converted into usable electrical or thermal energy. Solar power is renewable and sustainable.

The Far North Queensland area of Australia is a rich solar resource. Solar power makes sense as an excellent solution for many applications including generating usable electricity, providing comfortable, well-lit interior environments, and heating water for residential, commercial or industrial use.

The licensed electricians at Rossgo’s Electrical are seasoned experts at installing, cleaning and maintaining modern solar systems.

This flexible and versatile technology has loads of benefits including:
  • Often reduces the overall cost for electricity—especially in the long run
  • Allows freedom & control over electricity
  • May qualify you for tax breaks
  • Is more affordable than ever
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